Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Often it happens, that many of us are interested in various events in the field of Statistics, happening across the globe. But as there is no forum to provide collective information at one place (to the best of our knowledge), one has to roam around checking websites of different institutes for the updates, and in the process one may miss the deadlines for applications of many such events.

Similar happened with both of us.We missed the deadline for LPS-V . In this case, we were lucky, as the organizers were considerate enough to accommodate us. But this doesn't happen always. The amazing experience at LPS, made us realize the need of some space so that people like us don't miss such gatherings.

Thus, this is an attempt to enumerate the news about all such events. We know our attempt is not exhaustive, and therefore, we request you to contribute by mailing us the information about the events organized in your vicinity, that you would like to share with the statistical community.

PS: Please share this space with everyone around you, who is interested in such information. 


  1. Great Initiative girls!Would definitely share with everyone around and let you people know if we get anything to share..!Keep It Up!

  2. Thanks Swati...We'll always look forward to support and encouragement from readers like you...Stay in touch...

  3. Innovative & Incredible !!!!

    Dats y one uncertain mind reached this certain place with uncertainities(little late) :P ..

    Keep rising!!!

    Best wishes:)

  4. Thanks Richa... and as far as the uncertainties are concerned, statisticians enjoy dealing with them...

  5. I spend hours together every week browsing in search of events related to statistics.
    This is a tremendous idea and congratulations for your work.


  6. Thanks Geetha for the encouraging words. Do inform us if you come across any Statistics related event.

  7. I am from the CMI, and interact with the ISI atleast weekly!

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